This homepage is about decorative bottles,

bottle stoppers and puppets.


Sierkurk - Zierkorken - Bottlestoppers

My first bottlestoppers came into my possession when I took over the Black Horse Bar in the city of Utrecht (The Netherlands). Every bottle behind the bar had a decorative bottlestopper.  These stoppers were setting the atmosphere in the bar, together with all the other crazy items wich where covering the walls these items were often a topic of review by the press.

When a few years later the local network started with broadcasting, one of their first productions was filmed in our bar. The film started with a close-up shot of the bottles with their impressive bottlestoppers. 

Currently the Black Horse Bar mode room for a students bar  "de Steeg", decorated with a modern touch and sound it is still a popular place among many. Situated in the old part of down town Utrecht.


One fine day after visiting a wijncentre in Bordeau (France) they showed me an im-pressive collection of corks and this wake up the collector in me, back home I imme-diately searched for boxes that I stored for a few years in my shed, searching for my own collection of bottlestoppers since than my collection grew up to more than 500.

The collection excists from all kind carving arts of ÄNRI"  (Italy) and  "the house of 1000  clocks"  from the black forrest  (Germany), Metal pieces, porcelein, tin etc. Some artificial with real cork or the modern ones with fabric made corks.

Internet gives me the possibility to search for corks worldwide. I found a group collectors in the USA,  The ANRI bottle stoppers tec club and collector Reiner Keil from Germany with a good documented site "Zierkorken aus Metall"

When I visiting Brussels, in my search for corks I found two establishments near the Grand Place called  "Au Bon Vieux Temps"  and "Límaige de Notre Dame" here I found few genever- and whiskey-  corks in the shape of bodies and of course a few of them are now part of my collection. And from the decanters it is a little step to the Genever.






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